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Are your houseplants environmentally friendly? | James Wong
1 DAY AGO - Keep your ‘plant miles’ down by following these tips on importing, greenhouse use and propogatingI Expand
Which plants are the best bird feeders? | Alys Fowler
2 DAYS AGO - Although I feed song birds with meal worms, suet and seeds, I’ve come to realise that my garden Expand
The top garden trends you need to know about for 2020
3 DAYS AGO - How about making your garden bang on trend for 2020? The Society of Garden Designers shares its Expand
Small kitchen ideas – Small kitchen design ideas for storage
7 DAYS AGO - After small kitchen ideas? Not all homes are blessed with vast kitchens and, if your kitchen is on Expand
How to kill winter aphids and mealybugs | Alys Fowler
11/01/2020 - Winter is often rife with indoor pests and the central heating makes for boomtown for small Expand
Bold and decorative London townhouse, designed by Studio Indigo | Homes & Gardens
11/01/2020 - Be inspired by this bold and decorative London home, designed by Studio Indigo. Strong shades Expand
Grey bathroom ideas – Grey bathroom ideas from pale greys to dark greys
08/01/2020 - After grey bathroom ideas? Grey bathrooms are very popular right now. Take a look at these Expand
A relaxed beachside retreat in Sussex | Homes & Gardens
06/01/2020 - Having been reconfigured by designer Sophie Ashby, this Sussex beachside retreat is lighter, more Expand
Gardening tips: sow sweet peas
04/01/2020 - Then plant a witch hazel and buy a garden journalPlant this Witch hazels are one of the earliest Expand
Hungry birds and marauding moles create a sense of wonder
1 DAY AGO - Fill up the feeders, grab some binoculars and a guidebook, and watch as the tits, finches and Expand
A traditional alpine home in Combloux, designed by Tor Vivian | Homes & Gardens
2 DAYS AGO - Set high in the mountainous landscape of Haute-Savoie, this traditional 19th-century farmhouse has Expand
A growing concern: is it ever OK to steal plant cuttings?
5 DAYS AGO - Gardeners and collectors have shared cuttings for generations, but as certain plants have become Expand
Time to go wild with African violets
12/01/2020 - Once widely popular, these lovely flowers rather vanished from view, seen as a bit chintzy, but it Expand
Gardens: weeds to love and loathe
11/01/2020 - Though some weeds should be avoided, others are beautiful and attract bees and butterflies. All Expand
Jungle prints and rich blues among 2020's top interiors looks
09/01/2020 - From wild beasts and lush, jungly palms to cool blues, soothing natural cane and luxe velvet with Expand
Small bathroom ideas – small bathroom decorating ideas
08/01/2020 - Looking for small bathroom ideas? Take a look at our best small bathroom design ideas to inspire Expand
The look of Aus: the eucalyptus tree
05/01/2020 - The Australian icon that thrives both Down Under and in our gardens over here…Sometimes garden Expand
What to do with your Christmas tree | Alys Fowler
04/01/2020 - The needles make excellent ericaceous compost and the branches can be used for pea or bean Expand
Gardening tips: plant a black-stemmed dogwood
2 DAYS AGO - Then visit the Giant Houseplant Takeover at RHS Wisley or read about modern plant huntersPlant Expand
Country diary: a population explosion of garden pests on my windowsill
3 DAYS AGO - Crook, County Durham: Unnoticed in the withering roses, the overwintering aphid eggs experienced a Expand
Open-plan kitchen ideas – Open-plan kitchen design ideas for family life
5 DAYS AGO - Dreaming of an open-plan kitchen? Stretch your kitchen space by going for an open-plan kitchen Expand
Bad knees foster a new intimacy with my garden | Allan Jenkins
12/01/2020 - Lying on the ground to weed proves more rewarding than it soundsBy the time you read this I will Expand
Gardening tips: plant midland hawthorn
11/01/2020 - Plus provide water for wildlife and visit Stowe GardensPlant this Make the most of tree-planting Expand
Kitchen flooring ideas – for a floor that’s hard-wearing, practical and stylish
09/01/2020 - Looking kitchen flooring ideas? From kitchen floor tiles to flagstones, we have beautiful flooring Expand
How to protect your Tooting property from winter weather
08/01/2020 - In this month’s guest blog, the team at Marsh & Parsons Tooting look into preventing Expand
Plan your plot for 2020: think about seeds and new beds
05/01/2020 - It’s cold and quiet, but the stirrings of a brighter future are startingNew dawn, new day, new Expand