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Medical News Today
The Independent
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At least 1 in 4 outpatient antibiotic prescriptions are 'inappropriate
8 HRS AGO - A study of U.S. data for 2015 finds that ambulatory care providers do not document the medical Expand
ImmunoRx in TNBC: Conflicting Results
1 DAY AGO - Two separate studies reach very different endpoints with addition of immunotherapy in Expand
Stroke: Excessive sleep may raise risk by 85%
1 DAY AGO - New research finds that stroke risk is higher among people who regularly take long naps or need Expand
Excessive blood fat could cause organ damage
2 DAYS AGO - Researchers have identified the mechanism through which high blood fat levels induce inflammation, Expand
Food Labels Linking Calories to Exercise 'Could Cut Obesity
3 DAYS AGO - A study supports physical activity calorie equivalent labelling on food to reduce obesity and Expand
Global warming may cause birds to shrink
3 DAYS AGO - New research has analyzed trends in migratory bird size over a 38-year period and discovered a Expand
BPA levels in humans may be much higher than previously thought
4 DAYS AGO - A more accurate method of testing BPA as it breaks down in the body suggests that human levels are Expand
How many head and neck injuries does cell phone use cause?
4 DAYS AGO - A new observational study has analyzed 20 years' worth of data to look at the link between cell Expand
Breast cancer: Does hair dye increase risk?
5 DAYS AGO - A recent study links permanent hair dye and chemical straighteners to an increase in breast cancer Expand
How two experimental Alzheimer's drugs reverse aging
12 HRS AGO - New research in mice reveals the molecular and genetic mechanisms through which two Alzheimer's Expand
Could epigenome editing prevent developmental disorders?
1 DAY AGO - Using mice, scientists show how epigenome editing has promise as a way to fix disordered brain Expand
Pharmacists Call for Clearer Regulation of Medicinal Cannabis
2 DAYS AGO - Clearer guidance on the CBD industry would help pharmacists and consumers, the National Pharmacy Expand
How playing in a brass band could give your health a boost
2 DAYS AGO - A new study, using survey responses, suggests that playing in a brass band may help improve Expand
Athletes are better at tuning out background brain noise
3 DAYS AGO - A new study suggests that athletes are better at processing external sounds due to a stronger Expand
Companies selling risky stem cell products receive FDA warning
3 DAYS AGO - The FDA have issued warnings to several companies marketing potentially unsafe products involving Expand
Probiotics: Benefits for immunity may depend on sex
4 DAYS AGO - New research in piglets suggests that the immune systems of males and females respond differently Expand
Physical activity may protect against prostate cancer
4 DAYS AGO - A large study that took a different approach has found that higher levels of physical activity Expand
Is marijuana use associated with a higher risk of cancer?
5 DAYS AGO - A new meta-analysis looks at the potential link between marijuana use and an increased risk of Expand
How diet may lead to insomnia
18 HRS AGO - A new study of females aged 50 and over suggests that those who include more refined carbohydrates Expand
Mouse study tests a novel approach against Alzheimer's
1 DAY AGO - In a mouse study, researchers have tested the potential of a ketone ester-rich diet in slowing Expand
Transport breakdown in brain cells may lead to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
2 DAYS AGO - New research in mice and flies suggests that failure to transport molecules that break down Expand
Cancer: Common antibiotic may boost immune system
2 DAYS AGO - New research in mice suggests that administering a common antibiotic before radiation therapy can Expand
Even 'dead,' this probiotic may be effective against inflammation
3 DAYS AGO - A new study in roundworms and elderly mice suggests that even the inactivated form of a probiotic Expand
Kids' Vitamin D Prescriptions Soar in UK
4 DAYS AGO - Vitamin D prescriptions for children have skyrocketed in recent years, despite murky evidence of Expand
Researchers find over 40 new species of fish in one lake
4 DAYS AGO - Researchers have found dozens of new fish species in just one African lake — a feat of diversity. Expand
MHRA Monitoring Metformin Contamination
5 DAYS AGO - The UK drugs regulator is working with agencies around the world over reports of possible Expand