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Guardian, The
The Independent
A cat: ‘They smoked pipes, played dice’ | Helen Sullivan
7 DAYS AGO - In more than one image from 1900s Japan, they look hungoverGet our weekend culture and lifestyle Expand
Small dogs leading the pack on postie attacks, Australia Post says
17/06/2024 - Australia Post warns it will stop delivering to homes where dogs make it ‘unsafe’ to do soFollow Expand
Calls for new dog licences to better control unruly pets in England
15/06/2024 - Scottish-style right to roam deal should train owners and protect livestock and wildlife, say Expand
Are all cats Tories? I considered the politics of my pets – and they’re not pretty | Emma Beddington
10/06/2024 - My assumption that all dogs vote Labour or, at a pinch, Lib Dem, was shaken by two people who Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: John Crace on Herbie - the dog so beloved he inspired a big tattoo
03/06/2024 - A gentle soul, Herbert seldom barks and never causes trouble. In fact, he’s so adored he received Expand
Tim Dowling: it’s not only the dog who’s faltering
01/06/2024 - Once again, I perform the collapsing deckchair trick in the garden. The dog also appears to have Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Reina the dog was dumped on a highway – then found her way to me
26/05/2024 - She looked as if she had survived a famine. I could count every one of her ribs. But on my ranch, Expand
UK watchdog launches full investigation into vet fees for pet owners
23/05/2024 - Inquiry follows concern over rising treatment costs and could cap prescription fees or break up Expand
It’s human v tortoise in the Beddington household. And the tortoises are winning | Emma Beddington
20/05/2024 - You wouldn’t believe how fast these things can move until you try to lock them up. How long until Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Chocolate and Smudge, the guinea pigs I hoped would be my for ever friends
7 DAYS AGO - It took months of pestering my parents before I was able to bring home a pair of furry, friendly Expand
The world’s tallest dog is an adorable scaredy cat, his owners say
16/06/2024 - Kevin, a great dane from Iowa, is the same height as a three-year-old – but can’t stand up to his Expand
The good, the bad and the truly offal | Brief letters
14/06/2024 - Meaty smoothies | Fastidious cats | Placing political bets | The gristle in Labour’s manifestoThe Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Fred the funny, furious pekingese, whom my father carried like a furry handbag
10/06/2024 - Fred was the runt of the litter – often poorly, terrified of loud noises, with an expression of Expand
A dialogue with your pets? Do you really want a cat to say you look dog-rough today? | Coco Khan
03/06/2024 - I can see why scientists think two-way communication is a good idea. But some things are better Expand
‘Seeing her hurt was more than I could bear’: the family pets left in limbo amid Australia’s domestic violence crisis
29/05/2024 - Emergency accommodation helps those fleeing violence – but few will accept animalsFollow our Expand
Taylor Swift’s cats have condition that causes constant pain, say experts
24/05/2024 - Animal welfare experts urge fans not to buy Scottish folds as mutation can lead to abnormal bone Expand
UK inflation: which goods and services have changed most in price?
22/05/2024 - From olive oil to cocoa and carpets to holiday centres, how the cost of everyday things variesUK Expand
Young pigeon fanciers: meet the new kids on the flock
19/05/2024 - Pigeons are friendly, acrobatic and affordable, and these days they are winning the hearts of more Expand
Australia Post releases video of dogs attacking posties - video
17/06/2024 - Australia Post warns it will stop delivering to homes where dogs make it ‘unsafe’ to do so, Expand
Tim Dowling: our family’s fussiest eaters? That would be the pets
15/06/2024 - The cat refuses to eat the new cat food, but the dog and the tortoise wouldn’t eat anything Expand
Deals on food and homemade toys: seven ways to cut the cost of cat ownership
12/06/2024 - A cat will set you back thousands over its lifetime, but good insurance and buying secondhand can Expand
The cat in the flat: Singapore lifts ban on pets in public housing
09/06/2024 - Public consultation found widespread support to allow cats in the city’s Housing and Development Expand
Dog breeds must be ‘rebooted’ to halt health problems, says expert
02/06/2024 - Exclusive: Prof Clare Rusbridge calls for careful cross-breeding to introduce new genetic Expand
Doggie paddles: 10 of the best dog-friendly beaches in the UK
27/05/2024 - The author of a new guide to dog-friendly days out selects ideal beaches for dog walkers Expand
Kabosu, dog that inspired ‘Doge’ meme and became face of Dogecoin, dies
24/05/2024 - Atsuko Sato announces death of her shiba inu, whose 2010 photo led her to be described as the Expand
The pet I’ll never forget: Pi-chan the goldfinch, the baby bird we refused to let die
20/05/2024 - When my husband and I found this tiny creature, we felt we had to rescue him. The next few weeks Expand