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Twitter chief to donate quarter of his fortune to coronavirus fight
6 HRS AGO - American Jack Dorsey putting $1bn into the funding of ‘global Covid-19 relief’Coronavirus – latest Expand
Shoppers can get free Tastecards with new iPhone and Samsung phone contracts
14 HRS AGO - The free Tastecard is being offered by and can be used to save 50% off Dominos and Expand
Doctors explain what happens inside an intensive care unit fighting coronavirus
16 HRS AGO - Here's our step-by-step guide to the Intensive Care Unit, including the staff working there and Expand
Hay fever sufferers warned over 'highest pollen counts in 70 years' this week
19 HRS AGO - The Met Office has warned that this week will bring the highest pollen counts in 70 years, due to Expand
Google Maps trick lets you see which restaurants are still delivering near you
20 HRS AGO - Google has launched a new feature in its Maps app to highlight exactly which restaurants near you Expand
Super Pink Moon will appear tonight - what it is and how to see it from the UK
21 HRS AGO - Tonight, a Super Pink Moon is set to appear in the skies, meaning our lunar satellite will look Expand
Footage shows how long respiratory droplets linger after someone sneezes
22 HRS AGO - Researchers from the Japanese Association for Infectious Disease have revealed just how long these Expand
Apple MacBook Air review: 2020's near-perfect consumer laptop
23 HRS AGO - Updated processors, a price drop and an excellent new keyboard only add to this fantastic Expand
Smart toilet uses artificial intelligence camera to detect 'anal pri…
1 DAY AGO - A smart toilet capable of detecting early warning signs of cancer and other serious diseases has Expand
Tens of thousands of people are building the Earth on a 1:1 scale in…
13 HRS AGO - More than 100,000 people have come together online to build a life-size recreation of the Earth in Expand
Uniqlo's new eye-catching Super Mario clothes appeal to gamers of all ages
14 HRS AGO - The New Uniqlo Super Mario designs look great and will appeal to adults and kids with some Expand
Trump is trying to take control of other planets, Russian space agen…
16 HRS AGO - Donald Trump is giving himself license to take over other planets, according to the Russian space Expand
How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory provoked panic and confusion
19 HRS AGO - Before the coronavirus outbreak even began, 5G was being blamed for everything from cancer to Expand
Google's UK staff earned average of £234,000 in 2019
20 HRS AGO - Company paid more than £1bn in wages but only £44m in UK corporation taxGoogle’s UK staff earned Expand
WhatsApp limits the number of messages you can forward in bid to fight fake news
22 HRS AGO - WhatsApp hopes the change will help to curb the spread of misinformation amid the coronavirus Expand
What WhatsApp’s major new rule change actually means
23 HRS AGO - WhatsApp has introduced major new changes that are intended to stop people spreading messages so Expand
Abolish Silicon Valley by Wendy Liu review – rebooting our reality
23 HRS AGO - A software developer’s epiphany inspires this admirable critique of capitalism, starting with the Expand
Minister condemns Airbnb hosts offering 'Covid-19 retreats
1 DAY AGO - Behaviour of some property owners labelled ‘incredibly irresponsible and dangerous’ Coronavirus – Expand
A comet that is hurtling towards Earth and prompted hopes for a blaz…
14 HRS AGO - A comet that is hurtling towards Earth, prompting hopes for a blazing flyby, appears to have Expand
YouTube bans conspiracy theory videos that falsely claim '5G causes coronavirus
15 HRS AGO - YouTube's decision follows a live-streamed interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke, in which Expand
Smart toilet recognises users by their 'anal print' and detects signs of cancer
18 HRS AGO - Scientists say the smart toilet could be useful to individuals who are predisposed to certain Expand
‘Amazon clearly values profits’: workers call for safer conditions amid pandemic
20 HRS AGO - Workers at facilities where there had been at least one coronavirus case said they were not being Expand
Scientists are developing laser test that can detect coronavirus within minutes
20 HRS AGO - Researchers are developing a laser sensor that can pick up the disease at the earliest point of Expand
WhatsApp to impose new limit on forwarding to fight fake news
22 HRS AGO - Restrictions on frequently forwarded messages intended to disrupt false Covid-19 claimsCoronavirus Expand
WhatsApp update makes it more difficult to forward messages
23 HRS AGO - WhatsApp has introduced major restrictions on the mass forwarding of messages in an attempt to Expand
How false claims about 5G health risks spread into the mainstream
1 DAY AGO - Perfect storm of conditions helped nonsense theories about 5G and coronavirus to take holdA year Expand