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Same-sex mating in animals has been perplexing scientists for years
3 HRS AGO - Male field crickets perform mating songs and dances for each other. Female Japanese macaque Expand
Harvest mice make surprise resurgence 15 years after reintroduction
8 HRS AGO - The UK’s smallest rodent – the harvest mouse – is making an unexpected resurgence in Expand
Spike in Ebola cases alarms health officials in DRC
12 HRS AGO - Many cases blamed on a single individual who appears to have caught virus for second timeHealth Expand
Geminids 2019 peaks this weekend - how to see the 'King of Meteor Showers
16 HRS AGO - The Geminid Meteor Shower is active every December, but will peak on the evenings of December 13 Expand
‘Marsquakes’ reveal red planet’s hidden geology
1 DAY AGO - NASA's Mars InSight lander has detected more than 300 quakes and traced some back to their source.
Why some whales are giants and others are just big | Science News
1 DAY AGO - Being big helps whales access more food. But how big a whale can get is influenced by whether it Expand
Cyrus Chothia obituary
1 DAY AGO - Biochemist whose work was at the cutting edge of the understanding of protein structures, their Expand
Older women can halve their risk of breast cancer with new hormone therapy pill
1 DAY AGO - Scientists say the new drug, prescribed under the brand name Arimidex, should become the Expand
Scientists solve mystery of parakeets arrival in Britain
1 DAY AGO - The origin myths around Britain’s burgeoning parakeet population have finally been busted in a new Expand
Richer nations accused of stalling progress on climate crisis
6 HRS AGO - Brazil, India and China singled out in UN talks as acting to block agreement on Article 6 of Paris Expand
Breakthrough self-cleaning plastic ‘repels all forms of bacteria inc…
9 HRS AGO - A breakthrough self-cleaning plastic surface that repels all forms of bacteria, including Expand
Rodeo ant queens from Texas ride the backs of bigger ant
14 HRS AGO - New species of rodeo ants, riding on the backs of bigger ants, turned up in Austin, Texas.
Volcano space robots are prepping for a wild mission to Jupiter
20 HRS AGO - To build machines capable of plunging into the frozen oceans on Europa and Enceladus, Nasa tested Expand
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx must avoid ‘Mount Doom’ to return asteroid samples
1 DAY AGO - The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft finally has a target spot for sample collection, called Nightingale, on Expand
NASA’s MAVEN probe shows how wind blows in Mars’ upper atmosphere
1 DAY AGO - By using the MAVEN spacecraft to track winds in the Martian thermosphere, researchers hope to Expand
NASA’s Parker probe has spotted the Geminid meteor showers’ source | Science News
1 DAY AGO - For the first time, we’ve spotted the trail of space debris responsible for the Geminid meteor Expand
Here are Science News’ favorite science books of 2019 | Science News
1 DAY AGO - Books about multiple universes, Apollo 11, animal emotions and the origins of popular foods made Expand
Full Cold Moon will appear tonight - what it is and how to see it from the UK
1 DAY AGO - A Full Cold Moon takes place when the Moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth as the Expand
The week in wildlife - in pictures
8 HRS AGO - The pick of the best flora and fauna photos from around the world, from an illuminated giraffe to Expand
Surplus chromosomes may fuel tumor growth in some cancers | Science News
9 HRS AGO - Extra copies of some genes on excess chromosomes may keep cancer cells growing. Without those Expand
How a biochemist’s honey test honors her beekeeper father | Science News
16 HRS AGO - The tests could one day be used to figure out what bees are pollinating and which pathogens they Expand
Pioneering ketamine treatments: depression – Science Weekly podcast
22 HRS AGO - Ketamine might sound like an unlikely candidate for treating addiction and depression. But a Expand
Spacewatch: ESA awards first junk clean-up contract
1 DAY AGO - Space agency commissions €100m ClearSpace project after competitive bid processClearSpace-1 is Expand
The Earth was already ‘stressed’ before dinosaur extinction, fossil …
1 DAY AGO - Scientists agree today’s climate crisis is primarily driven by human activity – but before the Expand
AI expert calls for end to UK use of ‘racially biased’ algorithms
1 DAY AGO - Prof Noel Sharkey says systems so infected with biases they cannot be trustedA leading expert on Expand
Prions clog cell traffic in brains with neurodegenerative diseases | Science News
1 DAY AGO - Prions may derail cargo moving inside brain cells, perhaps contributing to cell death in prion Expand