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A universal coronavirus vaccine could stop the next pandemic
2 HRS AGO - Coronaviruses have been responsible for three major pandemic threats, and its likely many more are Expand
How little nudges can help win the fight against climate change
6 DAYS AGO - Cape Town’s water crisis holds crucial lessons on how we can solve environmental problems by Expand
They had a gaming addiction. Then the pandemic happened
22/02/2021 - For people who have struggled with problematic gaming for years, the boredom and uncertainty of Expand
The UK is infecting people with Covid-19 for science. Is it worth it?
18/02/2021 - The UK has approved the first human challenge study for Covid-19. But now we have the vaccines, is Expand
This ragtag crew are shaking up the world of earthquake prediction
12/02/2021 - We’ve only seen a snapshot of all the earthquakes that have ever taken place. But amateur Expand
A rebel physicist has an elegant solution to a quantum mystery
03/02/2021 - The theories we have to describe the nature of the Universe are completely incompatible. Enter an Expand
Educating young women is the climate fix no one is talking about
27/01/2021 - Educating young women across the world could stop tens of billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases Expand
We really need to start feeding insects with mountains of poop
22/01/2021 - Animals create vast amounts of excrement, so why aren’t we feeding it to insects, the least fussy Expand
Their noses paid the bills. Then Covid took their sense of smell
20/01/2021 - As many as half of Covid-19 sufferers lose their sense or smell or taste. For master sommeliers Expand
The benefits of microdosing might be down to the placebo effect
20 HRS AGO - People who regularly take small amounts of LSD say it has benefits for mental health and Expand
Vertical farms nailed tiny salads. Now they need to feed the world
7 DAYS AGO - Vertical farming is finally growing up. But can it move from salad garnishes for the wealthy to Expand
NASA's Perserverance Mars rover lands on Red Planet after 300million mile voyage
18/02/2021 - NASA's Perserverence Rover has made touchdown on the Red Planet in an historic achievement that Expand
Brexit and Covid left farms bereft of workers. Enter Dick the robot
15/02/2021 - Meet Dick, a friendly farmhand who uses a five-pronged wand to electrocute weeds to death
All Covid symptoms you need to know about after four new ones detected in study
11/02/2021 - Experts say people in the UK should be vigilant for four more suspected coronavirus symptoms - - Expand
Who the UK vaccinates next is a question of economics, not health
02/02/2021 - Once you’ve vaccinated the elderly and clinically extremely vulnerable, the question of who you Expand
Norway’s elderly Covid-19 vaccine deaths aren’t what they seem
26/01/2021 - 33 elderly people in Norway died shortly after receiving their Covid-19 vaccine, but a quick look Expand
Tackling tech’s big diversity problem starts with education
21/01/2021 - Black people made up only three per cent of the UK tech workforce, but disparities set in long Expand
Covid-19 long-haulers want you to know that they’re still not okay
18/01/2021 - Some long-haulers are closing in on their tenth month of symptoms. With no end in sight, many are Expand
It’s time to start farming salmon on land in eco-friendly bluehouses
2 DAYS AGO - It may not sound logical, but startup Atlantic Sapphire says that farming fish on land could Expand
Scientists are growing grapes in space to save Earth’s wine supply
23/02/2021 - In January, a cargo of 320 grapevines grown aboard the International Space Station plopped into Expand
Watch live as NASA's Perseverance Mars rover set to land on Red Planet
18/02/2021 - NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover is about to touch down on the Red Planet to search for past signs Expand
Bill Gates has a plan to save the world. Will the world listen?
15/02/2021 - In the face of one of humanity’s greatest challenges, Bill Gates lays out his plan for attaining Expand
A lone infection may have changed the course of the pandemic
10/02/2021 - The number of mutations in the UK variant took scientists by surprise. Now they think its origins Expand
We asked coronavirus experts what summer 2021 will be like
29/01/2021 - With festivals cancelled, flights grounded and some social distancing likely still in place, this Expand
All 15 key coronavirus symptoms you need to know about including 'Covid tongue
22/01/2021 - Top experts say people in the UK should be vigilant for 12 more symptoms - and some more suspected Expand
This is what will happen to Covid-19 when the pandemic is over
21/01/2021 - It’s likely that Covid-19 is never going away for good. In time, humans will get used to living Expand