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Archaeologists discover 50 graves of 'high-status Romans' in Somerset
54 MINS AGO - The graves were unearthed at the site in Somerton, and are believed to belong to 'high-status' Expand
How to be a good listener: my mission to learn the most important skill of all
4 HRS AGO - The author Kate Murphy thinks our inability to listen properly to other people is leaving us all Expand
SpaceX crew capsule escape test a success as crowds watch rocket explode
14 HRS AGO - Elon Musk set to launch astronauts from US soilNasa says manned mission could come as soon as Expand
Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against superbugs
21 HRS AGO - Mice cured of MRSA, raising hopes of treating antibiotic-resistant bacteriaA compound made by Expand
Belgian neurologist wins €1m prize for work on serious brain trauma
1 DAY AGO - Generet prize will fund more trials by Steven Laureys to help written-off ‘vegetative’ patientsA Expand
The five: changes in animal behaviour due to global heating
1 DAY AGO - Species around the world are being forced to alter their diet, migratory patterns, feeding grounds Expand
NASA says an asteroid twice the size of Big Ben will skim past Earth today
2 DAYS AGO - The asteroid, dubbed 2009 BH2, will make a close approach with Earth at around 14:29 GMT today
Hairy cells in the nose lining may be involved in causing allergies
2 DAYS AGO - Some hairy cells in the nose may trigger sneezing and allergies to dust mites, mold and other Expand
The Guardian view on ‘flight shaming’: face it – life must change | Editorial
2 DAYS AGO - Individual choices will not solve the climate crisis but ministers should not be encouraging Expand
Iran warns it will leave nuclear weapons treaty if referred to UN
1 HR AGO - Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that the country would leave the five-decade Expand
The age of the individual must end – our world depends on it | Tom Oliver
6 HRS AGO - The costs of a culture focused on an illusory idea of personal autonomy are making us ill and Expand
Starwatch: how to see star cluster M41 with the naked eye
15 HRS AGO - This week’s challenge is to look for the faint star cluster close to Sirius, the Dog Star, the Expand
Humans body temperatures are mysteriously getting colder, study finds
22 HRS AGO - The average human body temperature has dropped over the past 150 years, according to a new study, Expand
I thought I had hit the age of peak happiness. How wrong I was
1 DAY AGO - As a study shows 47.2 is the height of misery, what is the economic theory and psychology of Expand
Coronavirus: China reports 17 new cases of Sars-like mystery virus
1 DAY AGO - Three of the new cases are severe, with experts worried about the disease’s spread ahead of lunar Expand
The juicy, painstaking quest to make tomatoes taste less awful
2 DAYS AGO - Half a century of intensive farming has left us with perfectly plump, red and tasteless tomatoes. Expand
Exploding cancer cells can cause side effects in CAR-T cell therapies
2 DAYS AGO - Blocking a protein caused cancer cells targeted with CAR-T cell immunotherapy to shrink rather Expand
Scientists discover wolf cubs also play fetch, behaviour thought to …
2 DAYS AGO - It was thought that dogs only played fetch due to 15,000 years of domestication but scientists Expand
Big oil is the new big tobacco - and Congress must use its power to investigate | Naomi Oreskes and Geoffrey Supran
2 HRS AGO - Americans had the right to know the harms of smoking. They have the right to know the harms of the Expand
Paris taught me how to do what is necessary to combat climate change
12 HRS AGO - To the world leaders mustering in Davos: set your minds to reaching net-zero emissions, and you Expand
From depression to dementia, inflammation is medicine’s new frontier | Edward Bullmore
20 HRS AGO - The barrier between mind and body appears to be crumbling. Clinical practice and public perception Expand
If you are confronting a midlife crisis, put up a fight – and take up boxing
1 DAY AGO - At 50, I knew I was trapped in a gentle, terminal decline. But when I stumbled on boxing, I found Expand
How to make the world happier – and why it should be our first priority
1 DAY AGO - In this extract from his new book, the UK’s happiness tsar argues for wellbeing as a political Expand
Maine's giant spinning ice disc looks like it's reforming
1 DAY AGO - A year after a 90 metre-wide spinning sheet of ice drew global attention, another disc appears to Expand
A dance of two atoms reveals chemical bonds forming and breaking | Science News
2 DAYS AGO - Two rhenium atoms approach and retreat from one another in an electron microscope video.
LEDs used in tests to replace invasive medical procedures
2 DAYS AGO - Researchers produce gadgets such as gastric balloons that break down when lit by swallowable Expand