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April pink supermoon: biggest and brightest full moon of 2020 to enter Australia’s skies
39 MINS AGO - Full moon to be around 40,000km closer to Earth than usual, but it won’t actually be pinkOn Expand
Coronavirus live news: China's Wuhan city reopens as UK scientists project UK will become hardest-hit European country
1 HR AGO - Scientists predict UK will be worst-hit country in Europe; Trump threatens to stop WHO funding; Expand
Trump order encourages US to mine the moon
5 HRS AGO - Executive order says US will oppose any international effort to bar it from removing chunks of Expand
How can Coronavirus models get it so wrong?
10 HRS AGO - Analysis is only as good as its data – so predictions for Italy and Spain are more reliable than Expand
The long road to recovery for Covid-19 patients
12 HRS AGO - From muscle wastage to PTSD, patients discharged from critical care face tough Expand
Coronavirus hits men harder. Here's what scientists know about it | Philip Ball
13 HRS AGO - The early evidence leaves little doubt that Covid-19 poses a greater risk to men – but are the Expand
No need for healthy to wear face masks, says WHO after review
14 HRS AGO - Organisation says no evidence that wearing a mask outdoors prevents Covid-19 infectionCoronavirus Expand
Record-size hole opens in ozone layer above the Arctic
14 HRS AGO - Rare hole is result of low temperatures in atmosphere and is expected to disappear A rare hole has Expand
England's coronavirus lockdown is lawful. Heavy-handed police enforcement isn't | Chris Daw
16 HRS AGO - New legislation now limits the basic freedoms once enshrined in English law – but police cannot Expand
How did coronavirus start and where did it come from? Was it really Wuhan's animal market?
43 MINS AGO - It’s likely Covid-19 originated in bats, scientists say. But did it then jump to pangolins?In the Expand
Covid-19: how are African countries coping?
2 HRS AGO - Sarah Boseley speaks to Prof Trudie Lang about the outbreak on the continent and explores how a Expand
UK prime minister in intensive care as confirmed cases in Africa pass 10,000 – as it happened
6 HRS AGO - This blog is now closedFollow our new coronavirus blog for live news and updates 12.17am BST We’ve Expand
BAME groups hit harder by Covid-19 than white people, UK study suggests
11 HRS AGO - Research indicates virus has disproportionate impact on non-white critically ill Expand
Saliva spray during speech could transmit coronavirus – study
12 HRS AGO - US scientists say findings add to case for wearing masks in public to control outbreakCoronavirus Expand
Coronavirus is creating a hole at the heart of government | Gaby Hinsliff
13 HRS AGO - We all wish the prime minister and his family well. But the cruel reality is, political power Expand
Here's the role antibody tests can play in the UK's lockdown exit strategy | Eleanor Riley
14 HRS AGO - From false negatives to lack of specificity, the tests aren’t perfect. But they could help us Expand
For the generation shaped by coronavirus, life may never fully return to ‘normal' | Steven Taylor
16 HRS AGO - I have studied the psychological effects of pandemics – and even a few weeks of isolation can Expand
Scientists capture image of black hole emitting high-energy jets
17 HRS AGO - Image taken by Event Horizon Telescope involving eight telescope and global team An image of a Expand
People want to help you. Let them': how to be compassionate in a crisis
1 HR AGO - Acting compassionately isn’t just about kindness, but about wanting to halt suffering. Right now, Expand
Jakarta to start shutdown as burials, and fears, rise amid coronavirus outbreak
2 HRS AGO - President Joko Widodo had resisted lockdown measures, but an increase in burials has sparked Expand
Human impact on wildlife to blame for spread of viruses, says study
7 HRS AGO - Increased contact with animals likely cause of outbreaks such as Covid-19, say experts, as Expand
Cancer charities say coronavirus shortfall will set back research
11 HRS AGO - Cancer Research UK and Macmillan to lose hundreds of millions in funding as voluntary sector reels Expand
UK records highest daily death toll from coronavirus at 854
12 HRS AGO - Data likely to raise concerns as figure approaches deadliest days so far in Italy and Expand
Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds
13 HRS AGO - Dirty air increases risk of respiratory problems that can be fatal for coronavirus Expand
Volcanic activity now believed to have triggered Triassic climate change
14 HRS AGO - New research on volcanic activity in the Triassic era offers ‘a sobering warning’ on the impact of Expand
Plasma from coronavirus survivors found to help severely ill patients
16 HRS AGO - Blood transfusion studies by teams in China report striking improvementsCoronavirus – latest Expand